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Photography Awards 2020

Akash Das


Akashendu Das is a path-breaking figure in Indian Advertising Industry and Wildlife World. Popularly known as Akash Das he has won many prestigious awards and has been a pioneer in the art of visual communication and wild life photography.



A CANON (brand ambassador) Pro Panelist from 2008 to 2015. 

Assigned the 1st Member of SANDISK Extreme Pro Worldwide from 2010 onwards. 

Awarded one of the ’10 most influential people in photography industry’ adjudged by Ernst & Young for Asian Photography and in February 2013.

Akash is the only photographer whose black and white exhibition called ‘In Search of Asian Nudes’ got engraved in Limca Book of World Records as the first of its kind in the  World. 


His style of wild life photography has changed the way one looks at wild life. He calls it Art Wildlife. Inevitably the photographs have attracted much international attention and acclaim. 

“Having known Akash for years as an acclaimed advertising creative director – art, and a much sought after fashion photographer, I was thrilled to discover this wild side to him.

I believe what makes Akash’s work different from that of the other masters of the craft is that their masterpieces are artistic renditions of photography; his creations are an artist’s tryst with photography. Suffused with the warm glow of imagination, every single one of his pictures tells a story.” Mayank Gaur

With a sensitive socially conscious person he works closely with WWF on wildlife conservation issues. He has been long involved in the promotion of tiger conservation.

In a conservative country like India, his campaigns on the social awareness of AIDS, homosexuality and adoption were challenging and remarkable; more so as they were promoted in the mid-eighties and the early nineties. That was a time, when there was terrible stigma attached to these concerns.

He has many years of work experience with the top advertising agencies all over India. As a commercial photographer his approach has been a breakthrough and the demand for his work is exceptional. 

His work as a fashion photographer, have highly contributed to the complete change in the quality and perception of fashion photography in India today.

He is one of the most prolific and commercially successful photographers in India today with a vast and varied portfolio.


Solo Exhibitions:

1) 2005 – Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Center, New Delhi.

In this, sixty-five of his black and white photographs of elephants were shown for two weeks. The media covered it extensively, and it was much appreciated by art and photography connoisseurs. The exhibition was also commercially very well received. In India it was the first time that such an exhibition, singularly dedicated to wildlife, primarily the Indian Elephant, was held. 

2) 2005 – Akash was invited by an Art Gallery in Paris at Caravane 6, Rue Pavee to show his work from 3rd October to 31st December. The exhibition was accepted extremely well. It was written about and the photographs published by both the mainline and the specialist media.

3) 2006-2007 – From 3rd November 2006 to 3rd January 2007, the Sammer Gallery in Miami hosted an exclusive show of 65 large prints.

4) 2009 31st March to 15th May, he had an exclusive solo exhibition at Gallrie Akie Arichi, 26 Rue Keller 75011 Paris.The exhibition got such overwhelming response that the exhibition had to be extended by 2 weeks.

5) 2012- Gallery De L’Europe, Paris. A renowned  European art gallery did a Solo exhibition of 45 prints. 

6) 2012-Flo-Peters Gallery, Hamburg, has become sole representative of Akash’s Art-Prints in Germany & has initiated a solo exhibition of 60 large prints. Some are as big as 60” X 90”.

7) Galeria De Las Misiones in Monte Video held an Exclusive exhibition of 40 large analogue prints from June 25th to Sept 18th, 2015.

8) 2012-Gallery Akie Archi, Paris Showcased  45 Prints along with a book launch called “Wild Life In India” Editions Arichi.

9) 2006 – The French Embassy in New Delhi showed his solo works where celebrities from the Indian film and music industry also performed to raise money for the Cancer Society in New Delhi.

10) 2007 – Delhi University, hosted by St. Stephen’s College, organized a lecture demonstration by Akash to create awareness about wildlife amongst students. They also held a week-long exhibition of his works. 

11) 2008 – In June, the F Bar at the Ashok Hotel Delhi, in association with Fashion TV exclusively featured Akash’s work in their felicitation programmed ‘Celebrity in Focus’ for two weeks. 

12)  2008 – 6th to 12th September, he released a book of his photographs and forty-five art prints. This coincided with his solo show, ‘Asian Nudes in the Jungle and Asian Nudes in the Urban Jungle’, in the Visual Arts Gallery at the Habitat Center.

13)  2010 – The India International Center in Delhi exhibited 25 of his selected works at their annual festival.

14)  2011- 1st of May through June Ten on Ten Art, New Delhi is showcasing his  40 exclusive works of art.

15) 2012- A large Coffee Table book called ‘Celebrating Manipur’ was launched on 6th of February 2013, published by Govt of Manipur.

16) 2015 - Coffee Table book on conservation of wildlife, world wide called ‘VANISHING WILDS’ was published.



Present clients: National Geographic, Incredible India, WWF, BBC London, Canon, Sandisk, Mecedes Benz, Gap, Suzuki, Hyundai, Honda, Incredible India, ONGC International, Casio, Seiko, Apollo, China tourism, Jaypee Hotels, Radisson Hotels, Denver, GIVO, Bonjour,  Mayur Suiting, Borgoyne, Vishrant, Nestle, ITC, Fiama De Wills, Govt of Manipur, Govt of Sikkim, Govt of Uttarakhand, Govt of Arunachal, SSB, Cox & Kings to name a few.

Also Shot Many Celebrities including Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahoul Dravid, Virender Shewag, Ravi Shastri, MS Dhoni, Suresh Raina, Meri Com, Salman Khan, Hema Malini, Mallika Sherawat, Shekhar Kapur, Narain Kartikye, Eesha Deol, Esha gupta, Milind Sonam, Mark Robinson, Madhu Sapre, Arjun Rampal, Meher Jessia, Sonam Kapur, Roberto Cavali, Nawazuddin Siiddique, Suresh Oberoi, Vivek Oberoi, Raghu Rai, Amjad Ali Khan, Padmabhushan Pt. Rajan Sajan Mishra, Padmashree Shovna Naraian, Pt Sujat Khan, Sa….and many more Indian and international cricketers, Actors, Musicians Artists and Politicians.

Some of the many awards won:

1)1982: CAG Award for MCD – ‘Keep Delhi Clean’ B&W Campaign.

2) 1986: CAG Award for ‘ Blue Lagoon’ Campaign.

3) 1987: CAG Award for ‘Inter Shoppe’ calender.

4) 1987: Times of India Award for Times Eye Research   Foundation Campaign.

5) 1994: The Advertising Club Award, Bombay for Aids Campaign.

6) 1994: The Advertising Club Award, Delhi for Aids Campaign.

7) 1996: The Advertising Club Award, Bombay for D&A campaign.

8) 1996: PIONEER Award for D&A campaign.

9) 1997: A&M Award for Chelsea Campaign.

10) 1997: PIONEER Award for Study By Janak Campaign.

11) 1998: The Advertising Club Award, Bombay for Jindal Steel campaign.

12) 1998: The Advertising Club Award, Bombay for Ambassador Campaign.

13) 1998: The Advertising Club Award, Delhi for Ambassador Campaign.

14) 1999: The Advertising Club Award, Bombay for CAVARA Adoption Campaign.

15) 1999: PEAN Award CAVARA Adoption Campaign.

16) 1986: The Advertising Club Award, Bombay for Nikey Tasha Laundrette.

17) 1984: The Advertising Club Award, Bombay for USHA water coolers.

18) 1998-99: PINACLE Award, DDB Needham World wide for ‘HEN’ weighing scale, Sanat Products.

19) 1998-99: PINACLE Award, DDB Needham World wide for McDonalds “Coke” Campaign.

20) 1998-99: PINACLE Award, DDB Needham World wide for McDonalds Burger and Finger chips Campaign.

21) 1998-99: PINACLE Award, DDB Needham World wide for Fritoley- ‘Mehendi’, ‘Karwa Chauth’ & ‘Hawker’ Campaign.

22) 1996-97: PINACLE Award, DDB Needham World wide for Spirulina Campaign.