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Photography Awards 2020

Eyewin Awards is founded by Mr. Manoj Aryan, who is a renowned photographer, having more than 10 years experience in the industry. Since childhood, he has been an artist, always drawn towards art and creativity. He made a quit to his medical career and chose his passion as a career.

He is a self-learned photographer who has grown over the time with experience. He has the power to visualize & skills to create magic with the lens; he can make you fall in love with his photography. He has been versatile and experimented with different genres of photography; Fashion, Portraits, Beauty, Advertising, Fine Arts, Nature etc.


The overall concept is his vision and he has been planning this for last few years to have a common platform for talents/ newcomers/ professionals to showcase their creativity in photography and get rewarded in terms of name, fame, and recognition. This whole idea has been conceptualised by him under his company Eyewin Films and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. 


Mr. Rakesh Sha, an entrepreneur, doing business in the telecom industry for last 12 years is the co-founder of the company. Though he is not a photographer but always wanted to be a photographer. However, due to his work responsibilities, he couldn’t turn his dreams into reality. 

With Mr. Manoj Aryan, he decided to start this venture to provide a launchpad to all the photography enthusiast to give wings to their dreams and get the recognition they always deserved.